About Us


The efforts we invest in each element of the website, especially the content and the readers, are enough to set us apart from every other company peddling reading material for the millions of thirsty readers on a daily basis. Giving each of these readers the attention they require through the long reads with exhaustive details about their passions is the best way to tell them who we are instead of publishing a special detailing who is who in our company.

Every time we brainstorm the possible lines of thought that could tangent from a circled of content, we realize how much we are more concerned about the readers than all other elements of the platform. You could have a platform that looks like it came from the future, filled with features and tricks to make users interested to stay, they still wouldn’t stay if the content was never close to the high levels set by all else.

Readers stay with us because we have managed to include them and their thoughts in all the work we put out for them to read. So instead of getting great ideas they can act on when reading content on our platform, they also feel the nostalgia of having thought along with the writer as they read on. This defines us more than anything else.