3 Exercises People with Scoliosis Should Avoid

3 Exercises People with Scoliosis Should Avoid

While mild scoliosis is usually not associated with serious problems, in severe cases the condition can become a problem and even interface with breathing. Since a person suffering from scoliosis usually has an S or C shaped curve in the spine, he/she should avoid certain physical activities that can worsen the condition.

There are a lot of exercises people suffering from scoliosis can do, which help relieve pain and promote a healthier lifestyle. This post discusses the three types of exercises scoliosis-affected persons should avoid as they can worsen pain and exacerbate the condition. In any case and as a general rule of thumb, exercises to avoid with scoliosis, including mild and lumbar scoliosis includes exercises that compress the spine.

Avoid Heavy Weight Lifting With Scoliosis

Weightlifting is the number one exercise to avoid if you have scoliosis, including mild and lumbar scoliosis. That’s because patients suffering from the condition might cause their back muscles to pull and move in different directions by lifting the weight on a regular basis. Traditional weight lifting exercises would result in even more pressure on the back and ultimately cause pain. Scoliosis and deadlifts don’t go along well as a person has to hold a bar, bend and then straighten it over and over again, causing a lot of pressure repeatedly.

Squatting Is Bad For Scoliosis

Exercises such as squatting, hamstring curls and lunges can put extra pressure on an already injured back, especially standing squats. In addition to the targeted muscles, these exercises also make you work your spine. That’s why these and other lower-body exercises should be avoided if you have to squat as they are known to cause back pain in such cases. However, there are some variations of these exercises that are possible (depending on the severity) while lying down or sitting, which minimizes the pressure on your spine.

Try to Avoid Yoga Back-Bends

Although certain yoga poses can help treat scoliosis, one type of pose that can cause pain and worsen the condition is Yoga back-bends, which is among many Yoga postures that place extra pressure on the back and might cause pain. In general, any position that requires you to bend backwards should be avoided. This includes cobra, a position in which you lie down on your stomach and try to lift your chest off by bending the back.

The wheel is another Yoga posture and a scoliosis exercises to avoid as it involves lying on the back and bending over in a U-shape by pushing up the feet and hands. In fact, experts recommend seeking the advice of a professional yoga instructor before attempting any such postures to make sure they don’t worsen the condition and cause any pain.


Whether you are planning on squatting with mild scoliosis or doing some Yoga with lumbar scoliosis, it’s always best to seek advice from a professional before attempting anything. Anyone with scoliosis needs to be especially careful with weight-lifting, squatting, lunges, hamstring curls and Yoga backbends. These movements can worsen the pain and make the condition even worse. Life presents all of us with unique challenges, but what matters, in the end, is how we stand up against them and overcome to reach the best of our potential.

6 Scoliosis Exercises To Try at Home

6 Scoliosis Exercises To Try at Home

Scoliosis is the medical term used to describe the irregular curvature of the spine. It can vary from mild to severe cases. In some moderate situations, exercises can help reverse scoliosis along with proper care and consultant with medical Scoliosis specialists.

Doctors have yet to identify the cause of Scoliosis in most cases however it is widely believed that it can be a mixture of hereditary or environmental aspects.

Although Scoliosis only affects at most 3% of the population, it should not be taken lightly.  Severe cases of Scoliosis can result in difficulty in breathing and may require bracing or spinal surgery which is very life-threatening if done incorrectly.

Different Types of Scoliosis

Scoliosis specialists or Physical therapists will most like recommend certain exercises to help the patient address the mild spine specific structural difference.

Moreover, Mild scoliosis cases do not require significant medical procedures such as braces and spinal surgery. Also, they are not as visible to the eye compared to other posture disorders. The term Mild scoliosis is generally accepted to describe the type of scoliosis where the spinal curvature is between 10 to 20 degrees. For this reason, those with mild scoliosis are the most receptive to exercise treatment.

Scoliosis cases with spine curvature between 25 to 40 degrees are considered as moderate cases.

Moderate scoliosis may be treated with exercise too along with proper medical attention. In addition, wearing braces can also be an option. Unattended, moderate scoliosis can worsen and lead to severe scoliosis. Unfortunately, Severe scoliosis, classified as spine curvature of more than 40 degrees, are the least responsive with exercise treatment and such cases usually need to be corrected with spinal surgery.

In this article, we will list some of the common exercises to help correct or at least delay the progression of Scoliosis for those having mild to moderate scoliosis:

Scoliosis Exercises to Build Core Muscle Strength

Exercises such as planks and crunches help develop core strength. This provides the abdominal part of your body in control and helps alleviate back pain caused by scoliosis.

Yoga Pose Exercises that target the Spine Structure

A lot of yoga poses help in improving your spine structure. These poses help align the body structure along with the added strength and resiliency to the back muscles.  Stretching poses aligns and relaxes your spine by decompressing the bone vertebrae column.

Twisting poses forces the body to pivot backwards the spine misalignment due to scoliosis that results to the realignment and balancing of the torso. In addition, back bending poses to improve your flexibility with the added benefit of correcting the structure of the spinal column.

Back and Leg Stretching Exercises For Scoliosis

Regular stretching of the back and leg muscles alleviates discomfort caused by scoliosis. Also, a dislocated spine column has a tendency to compress nerves in the back and lower extremities that may result in severe pain. In addition, stretching greatly helps in restoring flexibility to the lower part of your body.

Pectoral and Chest Stretching Exercises

Stretching the pectoral and chest muscles is very important to correct hunched back and malformed shoulders. There are a variety of exercises including backbends and arm stretching that targets the pectoral muscles. This can be performed by such as using a platform or training buddy to stretch your upper body.

Full Body Stretch Exercises After Long Periods of Idleness

It is never good for anyone to sit or stand for an extended duration. More so for those suffering from Scoliosis. Stretching the whole body after standing or sitting for a long time aids in relieving the strain on the body and this is especially beneficial for those suffering from Scoliosis.

As a rule of thumb, stretch or take a walk as often as possible. It is also recommended to use a comfortable and ergonomic chair if you are required to sit for a long period.

Engaging in Physical Activities such as Dancing or Football

Dancers who are suffering from scoliosis do not need to be concerned. This is not a major cause for concern, however, there are certain dance moves like backflips, or bends that are prohibited to reduce the chance of aggravating scoliosis.

If you are not a fan of dancing, other physical activities like football or swimming are great alternatives that do not worsen scoliosis. They are fantastic aerobic sports that improve the core strength. Of course, All soccer positions are okay apart from being a goalkeeper since goalkeepers tend to contort their body in horrible positions.

Additional Tips for Your Scoliosis

  • As mentioned above, exercise consistently to correct or delay the progression of scoliosis.
  • Maintain a healthy diet with enough vitamins to help prevent aggravation of your scoliosis. Recommended vitamins include calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Be careful with your height and weight proportionality to ensure you do not experience extra strain on your body especially the back side.
  • As they say, early detection helps a lot. Do not wait for long periods of time before going for your regular checkups. You do not want mild scoliosis turning into a severe one.

Warnings for people with Scoliosis:

Although exercises are recommended, immediately stop when you start to feel excruciating pain and go to the doctor immediately. Do not proceed with your exercise routine in such cases otherwise, your scoliosis might end up turning for the worse. There are specialists and physical therapists that can provide you medical attention and advice on how to proceed further.

In this article, we have a brief introduction to Scoliosis and the common exercises that can correct or delay the progression of scoliosis. By being mindful of your body, you can take hold of your scoliosis condition and do exercises to transform into the scoliosis-free and better version of yourself.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from Scoliosis and can benefit reading this home exercises? If so, please like and share this article. Are there better home exercises you are doing to alleviate Scoliosis? Please leave a comment below! Thanks


Reasons why Outsourcing IT Is the Way to Go In 2016

Reasons why Outsourcing IT Is the Way to Go In 2016

The number of New York companies that are not outsourcing IT is drastically decreasing. Many business owners have embraced the idea of outsourcing affordable IT solutions in New York. If your company is yet to make the switch, don’t be surprised to discover that you may now be in the minority. Ask those who have been monitoring the IT industry for decades and they will all tell you this is the way to go in 2016. Regardless of the size of your business, outsourcing IT support New York will do your company a lot of good. Here is why this is the new fad and why you should join this bandwagon.

Run your company stress-free

IT systems can sometimes develop problems that take quite some time to fix. In today’s world prone to cyber-attacks, many business owners struggle to breathe through the mayhem that system problems bring to their businesses. The easiest and most effective way to stay clear of these stress-causing scenarios is to entrust all IT operations to a third party firm. You will not only be less stressed when you do so, your employees will breathe a sigh of relief too.

Instead of worrying about the problems, you can concentrate on preparing yourself to strike another business deal for your company. IT problems are often random and can hardly be solved quietly in the background. These problems can be a constant distraction from what you are supposed to focus on and can affect the wellbeing of your company. Outsourcing IT support New York will help you avoid making losses because of these distractions.

Save your company’s money

A big corporation would be in a better position to justify spending money on a full-fledged IT department than a small or medium sized business. Yet, even big corporations are now choosing to outsource IT support New York. This is because, compared to creating an IT team internally, outsourcing IT support is cheaper and more effective.

An IT support New York firm working with your company will provide support in any IT related area your business needs help in. An in-house team would often be stripped of the resources and the perfect tools to give you long lasting solutions. This is, perhaps, why most internal IT teams often subscribe to the break-fix approach to IT. This approach uses a lot of time and sometimes does not quite solve the problem. The best approach to IT is continuous monitoring and regular maintenance of the system.

A Marketplace for IT Services

A Marketplace for IT Services

An organisation can incur massive costs when buying IT infrastructure. On the other hand, firms that are selling software and that provide IT asset management company life cycle find it a challenge to reach the market. There are also the contractual costs that come with these sorts of arrangements.

However, if there is to be a change in the IT services, there needs to be a change in the marketplace. The IT back-office support firms need to change there thinking about how they approach the market.

If you look at the economics of operation in the market, you will realise that firms need to exist because of the pressure to organise services required for trading and do so in a cost-efficient manner. It is a better way of operation than in a free-for-all market.

There are external market forces that cause organisation to exist and that try to organise them to make it inexpensive for the many buyers and sellers. This is the same force behind the creation of an IT market place.

The marketplace eliminates the need for thousands of independent relationships. It makes it easy for sellers to meet companies that demand IT services. In the same space, users who demand IT services can find a range of solutions that are useful to them.

An inefficient trading method further leads to a rise in agency costs due to the contractual obligations from either the buyer or seller.

ITAM company, IT services can greatly be improved with an online marketplace. The marketplace will assist customers and suppliers in the space to interact. It further helps with specialisation where companies who are reputed for certain services can easily get partners to work with in order to offer a given client the services that they want.

A marketplace brings together thousands of IT service providers and customers.

The buyer also finds it easy to connect with providers who can assist them to achieve the kind of growth that they want. Still, the marketplace lists the specialist who can provide different IT services such as data centre, cloud service, IT security services and general maintenance tasks.The supplier can gauge the market size and plan for it while the customers will know which vendors offer what they are looking for.

There are already a number of companies that provide IT marketplaces for a number of suppliers and companies. The market space keeps growing with time with the addition of new customers and suppliers. It becomes an efficient way for procuring for IT services and helps both parties to focus on developing or acquiring a top-notch solution. The customer can further easily locate providers with the required services at given locations.

In addition, the marketplace is a combination of multiple workplace providers. You are able to reduce the time-to-market in search of new partners. Typically, it removes the barriers, delays and inefficiencies.

You can even get reports of which services are being utilised in given locations, and who is providing them. Besides, the marketplace has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for buyers and sellers. The buyer and seller readily get new partners and is a good way to promote business growth.

Global Expansion All Throughout Year 2016

Global Expansion All Throughout Year 2016

It has been the pride of Alithya, Quebec to achieve as one of the largest leading strategic consulting and top it support services Toronto like Teskostudio in terms of financial and operational highlights as reported last March 2016 as a fiscal year of excellence. They have maintained their service through strategic partnership and have believed that through organic growth they are able to produce a vast income that has increased to one hundred percent as an annual basis. The company has indeed expanded its service and business has shifted geographically with additional employees of 500 IT consulting Toronto professionals, mainly in Canada and has spread internationally. Alithya is an IT company located in Quebec assisting and providing services firm across Canada and France.

This has largely grew though their partnership with clients who shares a common interest and that is to provide a high quality Over the past four years, Alithya has tripled its income and this has pursued the company to reach more to the top line. The secret of their success focuses mainly on a long term relationship with their existing clients as well as to attract more future prospects. The company’s goal is to increase more in size and further expand throughout Canada and aims to introduce the U.S market.

The company is highly competitive and is willing to take risk against their global competitors. Of course with the support of the company’s business partners who have strongly made a great foundation towards the betterment and the achievement of the company. As this company enhances it has not only grew largely to private sectors but also in the public for its service offering has greatly made an impact both on their existing clients and is looking forward to more endeavor in reaching other clients whom needed their IT consulting expertise and they are to provide project management such as in the field of business architecture an example would be Alithya has made a strong bond with the other companies such as Air France in which the company has to provide developmental services and technical support over their IT applicants.

They have emphasized the importance of their partnership because they aim to be globally competitive all throughout the year. Maintaining their reputation makes the company hold on to more possibilities of expansion and growth. Furthermore, its strength to promote the stability of the company has greatly influenced their partners to do more with regards of what they can benefit for the greater good of the company, their employees and especially to their business partners. The IT services has influenced so many clients such as the telecommunications, transportation, healthcare , the financial services and the government sector. The company’s productivity is important to them as they client base. Their objective has never failed to understand and give importance to their clients needs. As Alithya is fast expanding in becoming a stronghold future so is their continuity of partnership to other companies as they are moving forward towards a journey that the company has yet to experience.