It has been the pride of Alithya, Quebec to achieve as one of the largest leading strategic consulting and top it support services Toronto like Teskostudio in terms of financial and operational highlights as reported last March 2016 as a fiscal year of excellence. They have maintained their service through strategic partnership and have believed that through organic growth they are able to produce a vast income that has increased to one hundred percent as an annual basis. The company has indeed expanded its service and business has shifted geographically with additional employees of 500 IT consulting Toronto professionals, mainly in Canada and has spread internationally. Alithya is an IT company located in Quebec assisting and providing services firm across Canada and France.

This has largely grew though their partnership with clients who shares a common interest and that is to provide a high quality Over the past four years, Alithya has tripled its income and this has pursued the company to reach more to the top line. The secret of their success focuses mainly on a long term relationship with their existing clients as well as to attract more future prospects. The company’s goal is to increase more in size and further expand throughout Canada and aims to introduce the U.S market.

The company is highly competitive and is willing to take risk against their global competitors. Of course with the support of the company’s business partners who have strongly made a great foundation towards the betterment and the achievement of the company. As this company enhances it has not only grew largely to private sectors but also in the public for its service offering has greatly made an impact both on their existing clients and is looking forward to more endeavor in reaching other clients whom needed their IT consulting expertise and they are to provide project management such as in the field of business architecture an example would be Alithya has made a strong bond with the other companies such as Air France in which the company has to provide developmental services and technical support over their IT applicants.

They have emphasized the importance of their partnership because they aim to be globally competitive all throughout the year. Maintaining their reputation makes the company hold on to more possibilities of expansion and growth. Furthermore, its strength to promote the stability of the company has greatly influenced their partners to do more with regards of what they can benefit for the greater good of the company, their employees and especially to their business partners. The IT services has influenced so many clients such as the telecommunications, transportation, healthcare , the financial services and the government sector. The company’s productivity is important to them as they client base. Their objective has never failed to understand and give importance to their clients needs. As Alithya is fast expanding in becoming a stronghold future so is their continuity of partnership to other companies as they are moving forward towards a journey that the company has yet to experience.