While mild scoliosis is usually not associated with serious problems, in severe cases the condition can become a problem and even interface with breathing. Since a person suffering from scoliosis usually has an S or C shaped curve in the spine, he/she should avoid certain physical activities that can worsen the condition.

There are a lot of exercises people suffering from scoliosis can do, which help relieve pain and promote a healthier lifestyle. This post discusses the three types of exercises scoliosis-affected persons should avoid as they can worsen pain and exacerbate the condition. In any case and as a general rule of thumb, exercises to avoid with scoliosis, including mild and lumbar scoliosis includes exercises that compress the spine.

Avoid Heavy Weight Lifting With Scoliosis

Weightlifting is the number one exercise to avoid if you have scoliosis, including mild and lumbar scoliosis. That’s because patients suffering from the condition might cause their back muscles to pull and move in different directions by lifting the weight on a regular basis. Traditional weight lifting exercises would result in even more pressure on the back and ultimately cause pain. Scoliosis and deadlifts don’t go along well as a person has to hold a bar, bend and then straighten it over and over again, causing a lot of pressure repeatedly.

Squatting Is Bad For Scoliosis

Exercises such as squatting, hamstring curls and lunges can put extra pressure on an already injured back, especially standing squats. In addition to the targeted muscles, these exercises also make you work your spine. That’s why these and other lower-body exercises should be avoided if you have to squat as they are known to cause back pain in such cases. However, there are some variations of these exercises that are possible (depending on the severity) while lying down or sitting, which minimizes the pressure on your spine.

Try to Avoid Yoga Back-Bends

Although certain yoga poses can help treat scoliosis, one type of pose that can cause pain and worsen the condition is Yoga back-bends, which is among many Yoga postures that place extra pressure on the back and might cause pain. In general, any position that requires you to bend backwards should be avoided. This includes cobra, a position in which you lie down on your stomach and try to lift your chest off by bending the back.

The wheel is another Yoga posture and a scoliosis exercises to avoid as it involves lying on the back and bending over in a U-shape by pushing up the feet and hands. In fact, experts recommend seeking the advice of a professional yoga instructor before attempting any such postures to make sure they don’t worsen the condition and cause any pain.


Whether you are planning on squatting with mild scoliosis or doing some Yoga with lumbar scoliosis, it’s always best to seek advice from a professional before attempting anything. Anyone with scoliosis needs to be especially careful with weight-lifting, squatting, lunges, hamstring curls and Yoga backbends. These movements can worsen the pain and make the condition even worse. Life presents all of us with unique challenges, but what matters, in the end, is how we stand up against them and overcome to reach the best of our potential.